Space & Place Exploration: Nebula Series and Habitat Series

Space and Place Exploration has two parts: the Nebula Series and the Habitat Series. These two series explore the worlds in which we live: the distant world above and beyond us and the immediate, tangible world of the planet we inhabit. One beckons to us, hinting at immortality; one embraces and holds us in place in our daily lives. We all inhabit a Space grander than we can imagine and we all dwell in a Place that we struggle to make our own.


Both the Nebula Series and Habitat Series can be seen below.

Space & Place Exploration: Nebula Series and Habitat Series

Nebula Series

The Nebula Series consists of nine paintings exploring the vastness of the universe. They are created on canvas with ink and acrylic paint and the addition of collage elements. This is the world of distant galaxies and stellar nurseries, the world we do not control.

All the paintings in this series are 16” x 20”.

Habitat Series

The Habitat Series consists of eighteen houses made from 2” x 6” scraps of lumber. The front and back of each house is intricately collaged and then enhanced with pen and marker. The houses represent the world we manage and design. Each one has a unique personality, just like the imagined inhabitants.