House of Cards

My first pandemic art venture involved a deck of oversized 5" x 7" playing cards. I painted and collaged one card each week. When I finished, I built a three dimensional House of Cards. It is a tribute to the fragile times in which we live and to the house in which I spent so many months.

House dimensions 15” x 15” x 32".

15” x 15” x 32"

Space and Place Exploration: Nebula Series and Habitat Series

Space and Place Exploration has two parts: the Nebula Series and the Habitat Series. These two series explore the worlds in which we live: the distant world above and beyond us and the immediate, tangible world of the planet we inhabit. One beckons to us, hinting at immortality; one embraces and holds us in place in our daily lives. We all inhabit a Space grander than we can imagine and we all dwell in a Place that we struggle to make our own.

Space & Place Exploration: Nebula Series and Habitat Series

Mixed Media on Paper

This series of work is done on full sheets of watercolor paper. I used a variety of collage materials, as well as acrylic paint, charcoal, ink and graphite. Some of the collage work is glued in the traditional way on the surface of the paper. In other instances cuts are made in the watercolor paper revealing a collage element which is glued on the back.

All the pieces in this series are 22” x 30”.

M.Brill 040

Mixed Media Assemblage

In my assemblages, the materials I choose guide my process and inspire the content of each piece. I am influenced by shape, color, texture and age. The older I get, the more I value the parts that are broken, worn, rusty, well-used or well-loved.

Urban Remains<br> 18” x 30”

Mixed Media and String on Canvas

These are all mood pieces. The subtle use of color, the layers and shapes, and the string areas all work together to create something vaguely disorienting.

Concrete Cell by Martha Brill

Painting and Metal Sculpture Series

The abstract paintings in this series are done in acrylic and collage. Each one is paired with a small sculpture created from found objects. The sculptures can be viewed as three dimensional distillations of what the paintings represent.

M.Brill 036

Figurative Work

These pieces are all inspired by the human form. I have used acrylic paint, pens and pencils, collage, wire, wood, cardboard and found materials to give each one its identity. My interpretations range from the representational to the abstract.

From a Nude Model 2<br>16” x 20”

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice - the shortest day and the longest night of the year. But each of these assemblage paintings gives you a glimpse of the sun and the promise it holds for the days ahead.

Winter Solstice 3<br>21” x 19”


For me a diptych is a way of exploring relationships, contrasting an approach, or reflecting and adding to an initial idea. My goal is a unified composition where the two parts complement each other. More diptychs can be seen in the Winter Solstice series.

After the Storm<br>26” x 14”

Branch Weavings

With the addition of string, yarn, floss, copper, and beads, a simple branch becomes something a little more.

M.Brill 031